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Oregon Historic Photo Collection Oregon Historic Photo Collection
This website contains thousands of historic Oregon photographs dating from the mid 1800's, with a special focus on the City of Salem and Western Oregon communities. The photographs are digitized and searchable. Most of the photographs were assembled from a variety of local and private sources and collections. The website was created by the Salem Public Library and is an important resource for those interested in the history of Oregon.
The Salem Public Library also sponsored the creation of the Salem History Project which was funded by a two year grant provided by the Library Services and Technology Act by the Oregon State Library, State administered Program, P. L. 104-208 beginning in 2003.The grant ended in 2005 and the site has not been updated since that time.
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The Amazing Marionberry
The Marionberry is a bright, glossy blackberry with medium to large fruit, somewhat longer than wide.  It is special to the area because it is named after the county in which it was developed, and 90% of the world's Marionberries are grown near Salem.
There are only a handful of areas in the world where caneberries thrive and Oregon's Willamette Valley, known as the Caneberry Capitol of the World, offers the most favorable of all climates... Learn More

Central entrance wing Capitol Devoured by Fire
In a spectacular blaze which began as Salemites ate dinner, the Oregon State Capitol was destroyed by fire a second time on April 25, 1935. Smoke was discovered coming out of an elevator shaft at about 6:30 that evening; the fire had apparently started in the basement of the 59-year-old statehouse. Firefighters up and down the valley rushed in to try to save the brick and sandstone structure, but the fire had already reached the dome when they arrived... Learn More
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