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The Salem Public Library sponsored the creation of the  Salem History Project which is funded by a two year grant provided by the Library Services and Technology Act by the Oregon State Library, State administered Program, P. L. 104-208.  Grant funding was awarded to the Salem Public Library of the City of Salem.

The Salem History Project takes an encyclopedia approach to providing access to Salem's history of culture, events, institutions and people which has led our community into the 21st Century. While the web site is focused on historical information, there is the possibility that factual information may be modified or corrected over time and the City of Salem nor Salem Public Library can not attest to the continuing accuracy of information over the test of time.

Bibliographic information on the sources of the historic information were gathered and displayed on the web site to support other researchers who are interested in pursuing more information on Salem's history.

Products to be produced through grant funding:
1. An Internet web site for general public access.

Grant funding provided wages for a part-time Project Coordinator and computer equipment necessary to design and maintain the grant products. A team of volunteer researchers is providing the research talent and focus to the development of the project.

Contact Information:
Salem History Project Coordinator
Salem Public Library
P.O. Box 14810
585 Liberty St. SE
Salem, Or 97309

Technical Information:
The grant funds purchased a HP Net Server 60, Pentium III 600, 256 Megs of RAM.  Operating software is Windows 2000 Server IIS 5.  A Dell lap top computer.

Additional equipment included a digital audio recorder, Microteck ScanMaker 9600 XL scanner, Dell OptiPlex GX 100 computer work station with 254 MB RAM.

Salem Public Library - Staff
Gail Warner, Library Director
George Happ, retired Library Director
Bob Miller, Executive Project Coordinator
Salem 2000 Encyclopedia Grant
Janice Weide, Library Reference Supervisor
Jane Kirby, Reference Librarian and Historian
Judy Jacobson, Reference Librarian
Abigail Elder, Reference Librarian
B. J. Quinlan, Youth Services Librarian
Marcia Poehler, Technical Support
Ann Scheppke, Reference Librarian

Salem History Project Coordinator
Monica Mersinger, Grant Project Coordinator

Grant Partner
Marion County Historical Society
Executive Director, Kyle Jansson
Project Historian

Project Steering Committee
Darlene and George Strozut
Susan Gibby
Sue Bell
Al Jones
Doug Houck
Joan "Toni" Meyering
Layne Sawyer
Craig Smith
Ross Sutherland
Alden Moberg
Kathleen Clements Carlson
Sue Morrison
Virginia Green
Burt Edwards
Paul Porter
Monica Mersinger
Jane Kirby

Project Artists
Eric Wuest
Sandi Cormier

Technical Team
Eric White
David Brown
Tom Bender
Jane Kirby
Sue Gibby
Virginia Green
Carey Lee
David Goodson
Bruce Fitchman
Ann Scheppke
J. Reyes Juárez Ramirez
Becky Clark
Jeffrey Sharp
Anna Short
Ann Scheppke

Rod Stubbs
Melinda Woodward
Hugh "Tip" and  Mary Ann Hennessey 
Richard Lutz
Sybil Westenhouse
Rosanne Gostovich Royer
Wes Sullivan
Ronda Blacker
Phil Decker
Nancy Gormson
Shirley Herrmann
George Katagiri
Yvonne Litke
William Lucas
Richard L. Lutz
Al Jones
Darlene Strozuts
Kyle Jansson
Bruce Fitchman
Cynthia Harvey

With special thanks to:
Statesman Journal Newspaper
Oregon State Library
Oregon State Archives
Mission Mill
Deepwood Estates
Bush House
A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village
Elisnore Theater


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